About the mindset

BOSROKO is the Surinamese word for t-shirt. Almost everyone living on earth has at least one t-shirt. Have you ever considered that humans treat each other as they do their t-shirts? At first, a t-shirt is specially picked out and loved, however, when it gets old, shows some wear and tear, has holes in it or one just gets bored with it, it’s given away thrown away or even torn up to be used as rags.


There are a lot of simple things we can learn from a t-shirt. Please consider, a t-shirt will do its job in any condition, it will offer coverage, protection, and warmth. When it’s given away or torn apart it shows no hatred, it has no ego, it makes no assumptions (the mother of all screw ups) and even if it’s burned, it’s still doing its job.


BOS (‘break’), break the vicious circle we live in called life as it is now.
A system that is missing something precious: pure love


(W)ROKO (‘work’), let us work on restoring our faith in humanity,
don’t share hatred, share love


BROKO (‘broken’), every broken heart can be fixed,
let us show love and learn how to accept love


The OOO’s, three cyclic paths,
we mustn’t lose track of love, forgiveness and patience


Ok, everything will be ok.
Work on faith, show love, accept love, forgive and be patient.

Another Way of Saying T-shirt